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Send Comments on California's Inyo, Sequoia and Sierra Forests Plan Revision


We urge you to contact the United States Forest Service by Monday, Feb. 1 (midnight PST) regarding the wilderness inventory and evaluation for the Inyo, Sequoia and Sierra National Forest plan revision. 

Wilderness designations, which prohibit bicycle access, should not be the only form of land protection considered for these forests. There are a variety of other protection designations—from Roadless Areas to a suite of Special Management Areas to National Recreation Areas to National Monuments—that may be suitable and would not prohibit bicycling. Additionally, the quality of the maps included with the current Forest Service Wilderness evaluation is poor. There are many discrepancies between the downloadable data, the map descriptions and the published maps. A user cannot zoom in enough to sufficiently examine current mountain biking/multi-use/motorized trails, routes, roads and potential opportunities for future trails/routes.

For expanded comments on Wilderness, planning and specific details for each forest, review this letter sent by California chapter leaders and use the text to guide your comments. It is important to personalize your feedback slightly so the Forest Service counts each submission as a unique comment. 

Submit your comments by Feb. 1, 2016. You can submit comments via the webform at the bottom of this page, or follow instructions on the same page to submit comments on the specific areas of concern listed.