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March 30: Critical Colorado Vote on a Public Lands Heist Bill

Published March 30, 2016

This is a time-sensitive action alert about a public lands bill currently in the Colorado statehouse. In 24 hours, the Colorado Senate will vote on SB 160, a bill that paves the way to privatize our public lands. 

Please TAKE ACTION today! Our partners at the Outdoor Alliance have created an easy tool where you can send a message to your Colorado lawmakers. 

The bill claims to expand state “police” power over public lands like National Forests, but in fact it aims to complicate and undermine protections for these invaluable landscapes. The bill is a part of a larger assault on public lands and our collective ownership of them. It's easy to feel paralyzed about politics, but with state bills like this, your lawmakers might only need to hear from a few dozen residents for that to have an impact on their vote.

Your lawmakers want to hear from you, so take two minutes today to tell your legislators what public lands in Colorado mean to you.