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Colorado MTBers: Comment on State Parks Planning Process

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), which oversees Colorado state parks, is embarking on a strategic planning process to guide its future efforts. The new strategic plan will set a high-level vision, overarching goals and strategies for Colorado's state parks, wildlife and outdoor recreation resources. Through this process, CPW is striving to develop a strategic direction that will be influenced by public feedback. 
Act now! IMBA is calling on Colorado mountain bikers to provide comments to CPW about recreation on Colorado state lands via a simple survey form, no later than Friday, April 3. Please take the survey. We have provided sample talking points (below) for the open-ended questions, but any time you can personalize your answers based on your park experiences, that is best. 
CPW has influence over Colorado’s public lands beyond those it manages. Because of competing priorities, IMBA is working to ensure that human-powered recreation is a significant piece of the strategic plan, because trails and access are important to Colorado’s culture, health and recreation. State parks where many local mountain bikers enjoy riding include Pueblo, Golden Gate Canyon and Staunton. 
Here are some talking points for the open-ended questions in the survey:
(1) CPW influences decisions on federal, local and state open spaces, and should strive to be a model of innovation and cooperation in the way it manages its lands and users. 
(2) CPW is currently heavily focused on wildlife management. Smart planning and strategic partnerships mean that those efforts can coexist with human-powered recreation so that both are successful. Mountain bike groups, in particular, have a track record of successful trail construction, maintenance and use in areas sensitive to wildlife, and stand ready to cooperate with CPW. 
(3) Trails funding is incredibly important to recreation in our state, and parks funding is critical to both the health of Colorado’s economy and its citizens. Please protect it! Thank you.
(4) We would like to see increased spending on state trails grants programs. Non-motorized use such as mountain biking is increasing and has become the main reason many young people look for opportunities to recreate. Funding efforts to develop sustainable trail systems can lead to quality state park recreation experiences.
(5) Mountain bikers are some of the best trail stewards out there. Each year, IMBA members conduct almost one million hours of volunteer trail work on U.S. public lands, and they have positioned themselves as some of the best assistants to federal, state and local land managers. 
(6) The best customer service a land management agency can provide is the ability to balance between recreation and wildlife. We believe that by doing so you can allow for human-powered recreation and wildlife to coexist and would highlight CPW as a model of innovation and cooperation in the way it manages lands and the lands users. Doing so would provide a level of customer service that users can appreciate instead of feeling singled out of potential outdoor recreational experiences.
Thank you for your participation!