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Ask Your Governor to Keep Funding the Recreational Trails Program

*Update: Our letters closed August 10. Thank you to all of the 1154 groups that signed on in support!

The Recreational Trails Program is still at risk of elimination at the state level. Despite Congress deciding to protect RTP at federal level for two more years, the latest transportation bill — known as MAP-21 — allows state governors to opt out of the program if they notify the U.S. Secretary of Transportation of their decision no later than 30 days before the funds are apportioned. This year's opt-out deadline is Sept. 1.

On behalf of the Coalition for Recreational Trails (CRT), IMBA is leading the development of a campaign intended to persuade state governors to continue funding RTP. The coalition has prepared a letter (hosted by IMBA) to be sent to each governor.

All recreation-oriented organizations (not individuals) that support RTP — including equestrian, motorized recreation, hiking, trail running, climbing, snow sports and biking groups — are asked to sign on and reach out to other trail based recreation groups and related interests.

Take Action! Please show your support by signing your organization to the letter.

We need everyone’s help to reach out to their grassroots contacts, regional, state and local groups, and any other organizations that benefit from the RTP. Please ask them to join your group in signing the letter. Each letter will be customized to reflect the program's impact in the state, with the state level groups listed above the national groups in the signature line.

By working together, we have made significant progress in the effort to protect the vital RTP funding source. We urgently need your help with what we hope will be a final hurdle.