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Only 24 Hours Left to Support RTP Trail Funding

Date: 5-4-2011

Photo: The Recreational Trails Program helped create the world-famous FATS trails.

The Recreational Trails Program needs your help now! We only have 24 hours left to urge members of the U.S. House of Representatives to sign the "Dear Colleague" letter in support of RTP.

Simply put, this letter has bipartisan support and represents our best hope for insuring RTP survives this year's massive budget cuts. With only two days left we need you to call your representative today and ask them to sign on to the Dear Colleague letter.

Not sure if RTP funding pertains to trails you ride? All of these great rides were built with RTP funds, and this is just a small sample of the thousands of trails that RTP monies have provided for mountain bikers:

  • Raystown Lake, PA
  • Fountainhead, VA
  • Highbridge, NYC
  • Rosaryville State Park, MD
  • Hickory Knob State Park, SC
  • Beckley, WV
  • M-Hill, Rapid City, ND
  • North River Trail Enhancement Project, GW National Forest, VA
  • Forks Area Trail System (FATS), SC
  • Bull Mountain, GA
  • Chicopee Woods, GA
  • Oak Mountain, AL
  • Arrowhead Lake, GA
  • Jackrabbit Mountain, NC
  • Frady Branch Trails, GA
  • Woodrun Trail, NC
  • Forest Ridge, NC
  • Stubb Stewart State Park, OR
  • Brown County State Park, IN
  • Coldwater Mountain, AL

Be sure to mention that RTP is a very effective, user-pay/user-benefit program and a proven success story. It serves as the foundation for state trail programs across the country, leverages hundreds of millions of dollars of additional support for trails, encourages productive cooperation among trail users, and facilitates healthy outdoor recreation and associated economic activity in countless communities.


This advocacy effort is part of IMBA's Public Lands Initiative.