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Get Involved

Every mountain biker has the power to help shape the future of our sport. Below are 10, simple ideas on how to "be a link in the chain." How many can you check off the list?

Join Your Local IMBA Chapter and IMBA

It's easy to be a link in the chain and to ensure the growth and protection of great riding experiences. Join IMBA and help support both national and grassroots efforts to improve mountain biking around the globe and in your backyard. We are a nonprofit with a three-star rating from Charity Navigator. Every membership counts, and we will put your money to work protecting, improving and adding mountain bike trails that preserve landscapes, enhance local economies and support healthy communities.

The work of local and regional IMBA chapters and affiliated organizations is essential for keeping trails open for mountain biking. IMBA chapters are volunteer-run nonprofits organize regular rides, trailwork sessions and social events, stay on top of area access issues, and are your go-to resource for all things mountain biking where you live. By joining your local IMBA chapter, you'll support grassroots mountain bike advocacy, make new friends and learn about great trails to ride.

Find the chapter or affiliated organization nearest you.

Make a Donation to Trails

Your donation helps support IMBA and its commitment to more and better mountain biking. The simplest is a cash donation to one of our funds: The

  • The Trail Fund (provides small grants to support local trail projects and helps fund advocacy work to keep existing trails open to bikes)
  • There are also several, federal tax incentives specifically intended to encourage charitable contributions.

Buy IMBA-Branded Gear

All proceeds from the IMBA eStore go directly to trails! And just by wearing the IMBA logo, you will help grow awareness of our mission. Plus, current IMBA members receive 10% off on all products all the time (just be sure you are logged in when you go to so the system recognizes you).

Ride Responsibly

It's all about respect — respect for the land and the experiences of other trail users. Stay on the trail and pass other trail users carefully. Follow IMBA's simple Rules of the Trail to keep singletrack single, spread good vibes, and demonstrate that mountain bikers are responsible, friendly trail users. It's the easiest way to support the mountain bike movement!

Stay Informed and Connected

IMBA posts frequent news and action alerts on our site that provide action steps for individuals who want to get involved. To stay connected with the key issues affecting mountain biking, keep your contact information up to date and sign up to receive monthly email newsletters that are tailored to where you live so that you don't miss out on local events and new trail projects.

Also, follow IMBA on Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo for instant news updates, photos, videos and contests.

Share Your Favorite Trails is a next-generation mountain bike guide and trail map website that IMBA is collaborating on with Shimano and Adventure Projects, LLC. The robust platform for online mapping displays the known trails in any given area, complete with elevation profiles, full GPS routes, photos, detailed ride info, and recognition for the local IMBA chapter or affiliated organization that stewards each trail. Use it to find great rides, and upload trail information to help expand and improve the site. It's easy!

Volunteer for Trailwork

Trailwork is sweat equity. Land managers and government agencies appreciate reliable, competent volunteers. Every year, IMBA members volunteer around 700,000 hours of their time to build new trails and improve existing paths. Trailwork is fun, rewarding, a great workout, and it helps assure continuing trail access for our sport. Again, get in touch with your local IMBA chapter or affiliated organization to find out when, where and how to lend a hand.

Learn to Teach MTB Skills

The IMBA Instructor Certification Program (ICP) offers professional-level certification for mountain bike guides and skills instructors, from the basics to advanced, technical riding. Getting IMBA ICP certified can help you start or grow a business, or just give back to your community through skills clinics.

Support IMBA Partners

Trails = sales. Find gear companies, tourism companies and local bike shops that support mountain bike advocacy by supporting IMBA. Show your trail love by patronizing them, and make sure to let them know that you are doing so because they are IMBA members.